African Academy of Original Medicine (AAOM)

The African Academy of Original Medicine otherwise known as AAOM is one of its kind in Africa. Our Academy is aimed at establishing original medicine methodology knowledge and disciplines thereto here in Africa. It is therefore an absolute honour to have as its Principal and Founder Dr Vusi Mema, who had his education and training at the International Institute of Original Medicine. The MEDICAL MISSIONARY CERTIFICATE IN ORIGINAL MEDICINE – (MMC-OM) program offered at AAOM is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Please follow the below link for confirmation of accreditation:


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AAOM, is offering new and unique professional programs in complementary medicine, which will allow for comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the disciplines of Original Medicine for American Certified Medical Missionaries and Naturopaths. 

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Complementary medicine refers to a broad set of health care practices that are not part of the traditional or conventional medicinal approach, but may be used independently or alongside such therapies. However, AAOM offers complementary medicine in the lines of original medicine whose originator is God.

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The Program offered is Medical Missionary Certificate of Original Medicines (MMC-OM) offered at our AAOM facilities, an institution based in the Pretoria, South Africa. The program offered is a 12 months online program with contact blocks of four week over the period of 12 months.

Management Team

Dr. Vusie Mema

Doctor of Naturopath in Original Medicine.

Mrs. Mantshadi Mema

Qualified Professional Nurse

Mr. Cyril Myaka

Business Computing & Management

Inspired by the idea of people’s well being

We work to achieve the best Vision of Education for the African Continent

Our vision is to equip and qualify individuals with the highest quality of learning to be effective Medical Missionaries within South Africa and beyond. AAOM was established by Dr. Vusie Mema, director of Arise & Shine Lifestyle center in South Africa. AAOM offers the Medical Missionary Certificate of Original Medicines (MMC-OM) to South Africa in Pretoria and is intended for the benefit of the entire continent of Africa