Method of Education

Method of Education

Fee Structure and Applications
1. Eighty five percent online of the course is done Online and 15 Practicums are done on premises.

2. Contact classes include׃ induction week, module summaries, practicums, etc. At least 5 days of practicums per quarter are expected. It is compulsory for all students to attend practicums. 

3. Students are expected to pay for their own accommodation and catering for practicum sessions, the school may assist those that need to be assisted.
All assessments are submitted by email and results are sent to students within 48hrs.

4. All contact classes will take place on school premises unless otherwise advised.

5. Students may be required to purchase certain equipment for their practicums with the assistance of the school

6. This is a 12 month certificate, all students are expected to complete their studies by the end of the 12 months. Failure to complete within this period will inquire an additional fee for the outstanding modules. 

7. Students who fail to show visibility for 3 month or more either by communication, school work submission, payment will be sent an email to verify if they are still part of the program. If this attempt does not reap any results the student’s registration will be put under an amber flag as a caution. At the end of the allocated period that student will be moved to red flag indicating that the students dropped out. The student can then reapply to join the program if he/she wished to do so 

International Students:

Total tuition fee: $ 1 950usd

  • Application Fee:  $20 usd (non refundable)
  • Deposit: $350 usd
  • Monthly payments: $160 usd x 10 months


South African Students:

Total tuition fee: R32 000 

  • Application Fee: R300 (non refundable)
  • Deposit: R4 000
  • Monthly payments: R2 800 x 10months

All payments to be done online – follow the promptings. Students can call AAOM  or send email for assistance – contact number: 083 274 9908.  

Payment should be made before new module is sent out to the students

      Banking Institution: ABSA Bank 
      Account Name: African Academy of Original Medicine
      Account Number:  410 4427 318
      Account Type: Cheque
      Branch Code: 63200

      Modules offered in the program include:

      Term 1

      Term 2

      Term 3

      Term 4

            T1 MODULES

      • UOM- Understanding Original Medicine
      • Bibs MM- Bible based Medical Missionary
      • O&N- Original Nutrition
      • Pharmco- Pharmacology

            T2 MODULES

      • H&N- Guidelines to Health and Nutrition
      • DH&HP- The Divine Health and Healing Philosophy
      • HR&H- Home remedies and Hydrotherapy

            T3 MODULES

      • SB&N- Scientific Basis for Nutrition
      • A&P1- Anatomy and Physiology 1
      • M&MM- Manual for Medical Missionaries

            T4 MODULES

      • E&A- The Enzyme Advantage
      • DH&NR- Drugs, Herbs and Natural Remedies
      • DP&CM- Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine
      • Case Study


      1. TM- Theory of Massage

      2. I&M- Introduction to Psychology

      3. DP- Designing the Protocol

      4. MDTO- Managing Depressions Through Original Medicine

      Study Online and complete all four blocks. Get Online Support at  your own time and pace.

      During the day, get all the support you need and share your personal experience with your Instructors.

      Graduate and pursue your dreams  as a Certified Medical Missionary, all in the comfort of your home. 

      Every penny counts. Donations are always welcome to help support this ministry and empower as many as are willing to learn about Original Medicine and become community support personnel.  

      Graduates, Where to next...

      Register for more…

      Graduates of the CMM program will be eligible to register with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) an international body of complementary medicine practitioners.

      Attend Seminars…

      Seminars on Health and Lifestyle Workshops: These are short skills development programs on a variety of health-related subjects with special focus on Original Medicine methods. Beneficiaries of these programs include Medical Missionaries and Health Practitioners who may find interest in Original Medicine. The duration may be anything between 1 – 5 days. Cost varies according to the demands of the workshop.

      Short courses on lifestyle health assessments such as

      • Advanced understanding of body pH and its effects on human health
      • Understanding the Chemistry of Essential oils and their application
      • Theory and application of Colonic therapy
      • The Shepard’s purse: understanding herbs and their application

      This Certificate Program, covering the field of herbology, presents a comprehensive, broad spectrum of topics on herbs, including terminology and definitions, types and properties of herbs, collection and storage of herbs, uses of herbs, as well as health conditions and their corresponding herbal remedies.

      This Certificate Program covers the field of nutrition and diet. Conventional nutrition and the deficiencies of the standard American diet are compared to the benefits of naturopathic nutrition and the original diet. Students also learn how to effectively facilitate healthy lifestyle changes in diet for themselves as well as for others.


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